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Its the not so distant future, where prostitution is decriminiziled.
It wasn’t hard to make the flip between rideshares and sex work. Women who worked
the streets bought their own cars and become their own pimps. They were essentially buying mobile outcalls spaces. A sexually deprived wife decided to use the service to
get her husband interested in sex again. She saw an ad online and showed him to get his reaction. All he said was “wow yeah that’s pretty crazy.” A few weeks after that, the wife made the jump and made the appointment to have him picked up by a real escort in a Uberxxx.
His wife had secretly fantasized for years about watching her white hung husband
sticking his thick meat into a tight thick ebony goddess pussy.
She had the escort pick him up after work one afternoon.

the text read
“I sent u an uberxxx baby. Dont worry, I set up everything, its ok.
I know you trust my reccommendations ;)
She will pick you up and she will drive you guys to a secluded place to blow off some stream.”

He got in the car and met her dark brown eyes in the rear view mirror.
He said “is this for real?”
“A fantasy coming true is more the idea. she wanted to surprise you for your bday.
she said she wanted to give you this guilt free fuck to spice up your sex life.”
“I thought she was joking around when she showed me! I can’t believe, this going to end up being a trap later?”
“Even if this idea backfires, at least you got a nice thick pussy fuck out of it. I’d say ride her crazy train while you still can.”
She could tell he was still nervous about the situation but at no time did he tell her to
call it off. They arrived at thier discreet location near the river.
She got out from the front seat and got back in thru the backdoor to meet him.
She was wearing a thin cotton shirt with no bra under neath.
She lifted her shirt up and over to expose her soft dark brown puffy nipples over her nice
brown rounded titties.
Then she took off her leggings.
He spanked her ass little and she flipped back over to face him on her back while rubbing her pussy.
She said “oooh i can’t wait to get your dick inside me. your wife said you are pretty big.
i hope i can take it all. i want to take it all.”
She reached over and unzipped his pants to pull out his 10 inch uncut cock.
He plunged his white cock inside her and she moaned because how deep he was goin
He sucked her hot brown nipples at the same time. I wanted him to give this bitch
a good fuck. I wanted her to enjoy herself. She moaned and sighed as he continued to
thrust into her, in and out. Using his left hand to balance himself, he reached with his right to grope her fat brown titty. .....

someone else can finish this off ;)
pov of the escort or the cuckcake would be hot!
let me know if you wrote an ending in the comments!


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