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Undercover Operations 2

Alisa Fredricks has been recruited to work undercover for the police and FBI. She agreed as long as she could go to college also. She never wants to be as afraid as she's been the past week! Attempted murder is too much! The dept had Det. Fox take Alisa home to protect her. Lucas Fox is very impressed w her! He wants her so bad! He'd be in big trouble if his boss, Jamie found out he fucked Alisa, but that's exactly what he wants to do!

They ate, went to bed. An hour later, Lucas heard Alisa screaming! She was having a nightmare. He gently woke her up, Alisa clung to his bare chest, scared. Lucas kissed her forehead, told her she's safe w him. Alisa looked up at Lucas, kissed him full on the mouth. He pulled away, asked if she's sure? Alisa said yes, make love w me. Lucas took off Alisa's pjs, stripped himself, throwing his boxers in the corner. Alisa took his cock in her mouth, swirled her tongue up, down, all around the head, shaft, balls, she also licked his asshole! No one had ever done that before, he jumped a lil when he felt her tongue in his ass! He loved it though! Lucas returned the favor, ate Alisa's pussy, add! He's never made a lover squirt before, it's hot! Lucas spread her legs apart, positioned his hard, precum dripping cock at her sex, thrust it deep inside her pussy! Lucas fucked alisa missionary, doggystyle, alisa told him to cum in her cunt!!! Using that word, cunt, sent Lucas over the edge, grunting, he grabbed her hips, fucked her harder, shooting his cum deep inside her! Alisa began to shake, cumming hard all over his cock! They snuggled under the covers, fell asleep w lucas holding alisa tight.


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