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Undercover Operations

Alisa is on her way to college in Michigan. She worked hard, got a scholarship. Alisa's car has always been a POS, but she'd put 300$ in it to get it roadworthy and now she's sitting on the side of the highway. She called AAA, someone should be there within the hour. A black van pulled up, alisa locked her doors, a chill ran down her spine, she prayed, flashed her lights, honked the horn, anything to draw attention to her car! The van quickly turned around, alisa got her phone out, typed in the license plate number of the van, called 911, told them the number. Minutes later the police arrested two men for reckless driving, when they searched the van, they found a gun, Bowie knife, tarps, rope, barbells.

The tow truck finally came, brought her to her dorm, got her number, left. Alisa called home, told them she's safe, went to bed. She woke up to the police knocking on her door. Detective Fox came in, told her he thinks that the tow truck driver is involved with the men in the van. They've killed two women, he believes she was going to be number three. Fox was there to ask her to help them catch him. She'd wear a wire, get the proof they need to send him to prison w the others.

She took a cab to Mike's Towing. It was perfect. Alisa was ready. She's been acting since she was five. She loves telling people's stories. She was a little scared, but Det. Fox was just outside, he showed her a few self defense moves just in case. Walking in, alisa seemed drunk, like she'd been drinking all night, was still drunk, pliable, an easy target. Alisa stumbled into his office, sat on the couch, seemingly passed out, ten minutes later Mike went to his trunk, got his knife, a tarp. Thinking alisa was passed out, he began to kiss, undress her, when he unbuckled his pants, alisa came to life, shoved him off of her, Mike grabbed her throat, choking her. That's when she kicked his feet out from under him, making mike fall on his face. Alisa put his hand behind his back, breaking his wrist! Det. Fox rushed in, put cuffs on Mike, read him his rights.

It's Friday night, Lucas Fox is going to pick up Alisa, she's going to talk to his boss, LT. Jamie Hill. She is smart, beautiful, a force to be reckoned with! They told her they wanted her to help on other cases. The FBI wants her to help them also. She needs to think about it, Lucas took her home. When he walked her to the door, they saw the door had been kicked in. Alisa called for backup, waited in the car while Lucas checked for burgalers. When he came close to the bedroom, someone hit him from behind, knocking him out. Alisa found a gun under the seat, crept toward her door, putting the gun in her purse, concealing it. A masked figure came towards alisa, before Alisa could get a shot off, Lucas shot and killed the intruder. After statements were given, Lucas took Alisa to his house. They felt a connection, it couldn't be denied. Alisa is in college, she can have sex w whoever she wants to, and right now, she wants Det. Lucas Fox!


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