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Untitled Pt. 2

The door opened and shut again, for the sixth time. Blindfolded, all she could do was tremble as she tried to count the footsteps. It seemed like at least 10 people, but she couldn't be sure.

Her unease was well deserved. She had messed up, again, and punishment was due - although it was at least a week since her latest "infraction".

"I- I'm sorry," she stuttered. He shook his head and pulled her close, locking the collar in place.

"Not yet, but you will be soon..." His voice trailed off as he paused to find the leash. Picking it off the bed, he clasped it to her collar. Her training told her to automatically get on hands and knees once he gave a tug.

She blinked a few times as the blindfold was removed - the light overwhelming her sight, as she had worn it for 2 days straight as part of her punishment. He let out a sigh, followed by a smile upon seeing her eyes.


He led her out into the living room. Where is everyone? she thought to herself. No one was there, not a single guest. How could they have all disappeared? Leading her to the coffee table in the middle of the room he gave a quick tug, and she obeyed, climbing up onto it. He cuffed her wrists and ankles to the legs. He was rougher than usual. Something seemed off. She let out a whimper as he yanked her hands down. No response. It's like he didn't notice she was there.

The final details complete, she was a sight to behold. Her ass up in the air ready for use, legs spread wide. Hands tied down so that she couldn't even budge. Noise cancelling headphones and a blindfold. She was totally unaware of her surroundings. Mouth gagged. Ass plugged and a vibrator in her cunt. Nipples clamped, small chains from them pulled tight and secured to the same ring the leash tied her collar to.

A quick pat on the head was all she got as he walked away, his display complete. Not even a glance over the shoulder. Just left there to sob as the humiliation set in.

She was startled by a hand caressing her ass, running up her back and gripping the back of her neck. She would have jumped, but the restraints were too tight. Her scream was muffled by the gag. Just how long had she been there? It seemed hours...

He had to stifle a laugh as he looked her over. She had to have enjoyed it. Her juices running down her leg and the way she drooled on the table.

How many times had she came? He wondered.

She gasped, or at least tried to, when he quickly pulled the vibrator from her cunt, letting more fluids leak down her leg. An attempt to squirm as the plug was gently removed. Her holes gaping for all the guests to see, he slapped her ass. Now she could smell him. Her breathing picked up. The gag removed from her mouth. "No, please! I'll be good! I'll be better next ti-"

Too late. Her terrified eyes scanned what she could. The guests stood before her, drinks in hand. Perverted smiles on their faces. Men, women, it didn't matter at this point. Something caught her eye. A box, open on the floor.


It was their box. Their box of toys, meant for fun. He entered her view, kneeling down to give her a kiss on the forehead, before standing at the box. His announcement struck fear in her eyes - everyone could see it - as she began to weep.

He motioned to the box, then to her before exiting the room. "She's all yours."

- To be continued...? -

Hope you all enjoy this!!! :)



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