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Vanilla Coffee

He wraps me in his arms just before we get into the car to leave. I was doing so well, my thoughts of jumping onto his lap while we were having coffee stayed just that, thoughts, I maintained control of my body even though the dampness between my legs had other ideas. It had been too long since we had seen each other, too much time had passed, while our lives had changed the chemistry and electricity between us was stronger than ever.

I nuzzle into his neck, slowly losing my resolve not to do anything. A tear runs down my cheek as I wish things could be different, his breath is hot on my neck and I can feel his heart racing under my hand that’s pressed on his chest. I move ever so slightly, contemplating pulling away, and there’s his mouth, right next to mine, my lips connect with his and the sensation surges through my body. All thoughts of maintaining control gone. The kiss is tender at first then becomes deeper as the need for tasting each other takes over, our bodies pressed hard against each other. The kiss deepens and he pushes me against the car, allowing me to feel his whole body weight against me, the strength, the power, the tenderness and the lust. His hands are roaming all over my body, caressing and then grabbing my breast, he kisses down my neck and my hands trace up under his shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin on mine. The car park is fairly empty but still I’m afraid of people seeing. “Someone might see” I murmur between kisses “I don’t care” was his response as he grabbed both my hands and pinned them behind me, pushing my body out towards him. In one swift move his hand is in my panties, and he sinks them roughly into my soaking pussy. I hear him groan in delight, knowing he still excites me that much. My legs are shaking and my knees weak at receiving the touch I’ve been needing, my deepest desires finally being satisfied. He turns me and pushes my chest against the car door, pulling my hips out and sliding my panties down to give him complete access. He removes his fingers and I whimper at loosing the sensation in my aching cunt. This is short lived as his fingers are replaced by his throbbing warm cock, we both moan loudly as he pushes it in straight away, the need to claim me too great for any teasing. My hands are pinned behind my back as he fucks me roughly and quickly as the day starts to turn dark. His free hand reaches around and is flicking my clit, sending me over the edge quickly into a body shattering orgasm. I feel his warm cum filling me shortly after, his cock pulsing and his moans stifled by biting into my neck. He stills, leaning into my back and pulls my pants up for me as someone approaches, he knows I’m spent and I’m incapable of thinking right now. I start to refocus and turn around to face him, and look him in the eyes. There’s a mixture of love, guilt and confusion there. “We can’t meet for coffee again” he whispers, looking saddened at the fact. “I know” I whisper but we both know this isn’t the last time we will see each other.


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