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Victorian Bathtub

I had a horrible day at work. Selling vacuum cleaners door to door demands so much physical and emotional energy, and it had been raining. My hoover briefcase stayed heavy all day long, because nobody wanted to see me at their home unannounced, especially when the sky was already grey. I came home drained and pissed off. I violently kicked off my shoes and threw my keys on the counter. I was about to throw together something simple for dinner, and I called out for my girlfriend to see what she wanted, if anything.

I knew she was home, but she didn’t respond to my hollering. I peeked around in the bedrooms, and that’s when I noticed dim candlelight and a lavender aroma emanating from the marble Victorian bathroom. My face lit up when I let the candlelight speak for itself. I pushed the cracked door open to find my beautiful girlfriend waiting naked for me in a bubble bath. I am always stunned when she surprises me like this. She and I both have stressful jobs, but she likes to unwind alone whereas I like to unwind with her. She’s a cold bitch, and we both pretty much always unwind alone, only she’s the one who feels good about it. Every so often though, she creates such a beautiful romantic scene for me which makes it all worth it.

I walked into the marble bathroom, basking in the warmth of her aura. I quickly stripped out of my work clothes, and she never took her eyes off me. I couldn’t help but stare at her soapy breasts, her perky nipples floating above the suds. She said to me sweetly that I should come join her. I undressed for her and started to vent about my terrible day. She laughed at me, saying that she cetainly wouldn't expect anyone to buy whatever I'm selling. I looked away, and she told me again to come join her in the bath.

I pulled my hair out of its tight bun and stepped into the warm bath. As I sat down in her warm waters, she slid back to lean against the tub. My ass touched the surface, and she grabbed my hips and pulled me into her. I leaned back against her chest, and she wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me in between her legs, and my body relaxed into her. I let my neck relax, and my head fell back onto her shoulder.

She left soft kisses on my neck and shoulders, and her hands wandered and caressed my slippery skin. She loves the smell of lavender, and so do I. When I smell her lavender candles, her lavender soap, then I hope that maybe she has something sweet planned. She also uses lavender candles when she has planned a torture scene for me, so I’ve learned to never hold many expectations. Tonight though, she had planned something sweet, and I really needed it.

My breasts are very sensitive, so sensitive that sometimes I actually feel embarrassed about it. My girlfriend loves it though. She loves how she can make me gasp just by softly squeezing my breasts, and she can make me cum just by sliding my nipples in between her fingertips.

I melted for her when she pulled me into her warm bath. Her hands knowingly wandered to my soapy breasts and my whole body shuddered. She moaned softly into my ear telling me how much she loved my responsive body, my uncontrollable rawness. She whispered in my ear how much she loved my sensitive little nipples. As she whispered, she lightly pinched my nipples. My body shook again. She continued rubbing my sensitive erect nipples. She wouldn’t stop rubbing and squeezing, and I lost my words. I tried to tell her between moan that I was really close. My whole body tensed, my legs went stiff, and right at my moment of climax, she whispered in my ear, “Cum for me.”


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