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Watching My Daughter

Donna thought to herself, how can I have a 21yr old daughter?! Where has the time gone? Looking in the mirror, she sees a tall, trim, blonde beauty. Alicia is the spitting image of her mom. Tonight they were going out as best friends, not mother and daughter. New York City has the hottest clubs! They went shopping for outfits for tonight. Donna chose a sparkly deep purple dress w a deep V, slit up the side and Alicia decided on a classic black dress, it was low cut and super short! Trying them on, being in the dressing room together Donna saw that Alicia shaves her pussy, she leaves hers nicely trimmed. Donna asked if sex is better w no hair? No, it doesn't really matter mom, Alicia said. She and her mom have always had an open relationship, she told her she wanted to have sex, Donna made sure she got on birth control, money for condoms. Alicia doesn't know this, but Donna watched her daughter lose her virginity. The neighbor boy, Colby had always had a crush on Alicia. She liked him a lot too! Colby was a year older than Alicia, more experienced. Donna wanted to make sure he was gentle, took good care of her baby girl. Alicia took her mom's suggestion, one hot afternoon in July, Alicia took Colby's hand, led him to the pool house. Donna took down the blinds and curtains, she wanted to watch them have sex. Telling Alicia she's going to get her nails done, Alicia tells her Colby is coming over, that today is the day. She asked her mom if itll hurt? How should I suck his cock? Honey, why don't you practice on a carrot, small cucumber? Donna said. So, she did.

An hour later, Colby was naked, kissing Alicia passionately! Donna was watching him, grabbing at her daughter's tits, ass! Then he stopped, she couldn't tell what he said to her, later Alicia told her mom what it was, he asked if she is sure she's ready. He cares about her, he doesn't want to pressure her into it. Alicia took his hand, told him she trusts him, asked Colby to make love to her. Colby kissed her mouth tenderly, their hands exploring eachothers bodies. Donna saw Alicia's hard nipples, Colby sucked on them, kissed her breasts, Alicia pushed his head lower to her pussy. He spread her legs, kissing his way down her thighs, reaching her virgin flower, he kissed, licked, sucked her sweet cunny! Alicia screamed in pleasure!!! She came in his mouth, lifted his face to hers, kissing him hard, tasting herself! Colby's cock was leaking precum, Alicia took it in her hands, put it in her hot mouth, licked it up and down, sucked it, his balls, asshole! Apparently Colby liked it, he almost came! Not wanting to waste his cum, he put his cockhead against her wet slit, rubbing it, inched it inside Alicia's tight pussy. Waiting for body to get used to his cock, he caressed her face, kissed her tenderly on the forehead and mouth. When she was ready, Colby began to slowly make love to Alicia. Wrapping her long legs around his toned body, bringing him deeper inside her honey hole! Colby grunted, stiffened, fucked Alicia harder, filling her cunt with his creamy cum! Colby's cock rubbing her clit sent Alicia over the edge, she screamed, ahhh! I'm cumming!!!! Squeezing her cunny, milking his cum from his cock! Colby kissed Alicia, asked if she is alright? Alicia nuzzled her head into his chest, said, yes baby I'm great! Thank you for being so tender and caring, my first time was perfect.

Donna knew it was wrong, but watching them make love was such a turn on for her! Her panties were soaked in her juices! She fingered herself, cumming when they did. She couldn't wait to watch them again!!!


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