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Welcome Home.


I was out of town on business for a few weeks. My Kitten had done well making sure to cum when I told her to and to send me and pictures or videos I requested. I knew she deserved a reward for her behavior.

I told her exactly what I wanted her in when I landed. She was to pick my up in my favorite gothic dress, a lace bra, crotchless panties, and a nice sized plug to prepare her tight ass. I saw our car pull up, and like the good little submissive she is. She wore exactly what I told her to. She got out of the car, kissed my neck, and ran her hand over the growing bulge in my pants. “Welcome home Daddy..” she whispered in my ear. Leaving a small trace of dark red lipstick on my ear. She placed my luggage in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. I knew she was soaked before I even did my wetness check when I sat down. I slid my hand up her dress and into the opening of her panties. Soaked, just as I had expected.

We pulled off and before we even made it out of the airport, she’d unzipped my pants and began choking on my now solid cock. Occasionally coming up when we’d pass by cars next to us. I admonished her for doing so as I love when people see her head buried in my lap.

The next few miles felt like an eternity. I’d been traveling all day and all I wanted to do was get home, lay her back, and eat her pussy until she soaked my beard with her sweet cum. Her scent, her flavor, her moans.. they’re fucking intoxicating.

Finally we pulled up to the house. My pants were soaked with her spit as she’d spent the remainder of the drive taking the entirety of my cock deep in her throat. Fortunately my clothes wouldn’t stay on for long.

We left the car, she grabbed my luggage and followed me inside. I told her to put the larger plug in while I took a shower to freshen up. I had also told her that when I got out, she was to dry me off and then eat my ass while jerking me off from behind. As you can expect, she took my orders, wiggled her ass in excitement, and patiently waited on her knees for me to exit the shower.

Once I was done freshening up, playing with my cock and making sure it was nice and hard for her to play with, I turned the water off and opened the shower door. My little slut couldn’t wait, she looked up at me.. the hunger in her eyes was intense and I could tell all she really wanted was to be throated until she almost passed out.

“Can I please suck your cock Daddy?” She whimpered. Her pouty lips were too perfect to deny her this pleasure. I wrapped my hand around my cock and said “Yes Kitten, satisfy Daddy.”

As I was responding she smirked, and immediately took my cock in her warm throat. With each stroke she stuck her tongue out at the base of my cock and licked my balls. She was ferocious. Sucking and choking on my cock. Her eyes welled up with tears and her makeup began to run as I heard her spit dripping from my solid swollen cock and smacked the floor.

I pulled my cock out and reminded her I had asked for my ass to be eaten. Again before I could finish the sentence she’d positioned herself behind me and began to playfully lick my ass while stroking my thick cock. Once satisfied with her stellar performance. I turned around, grabbing her by her breast’s through her shirt and lifted her to her feet. She let out small squeals of pain as I kneaded and pawed at her breasts through the soft black dress.

“You’ve been so good to me, but it’s time for your punishment.” I commanded. She wiggled her ass excitedly as I grabbed harder. Her soft nipples now rigid through the lace bra and dress. “Daddy had a frustrating day of travel and you’re how I’m going to let that out”.. I grabbed her by the throat shoving her against the wall. My other hand lifting her dress and checking to make sure she was as wet as I had expected. Again, she didn’t disappoint.

I forced her to the bed. Had her lay down with her feet to the wall with her head hanging off the soft bed. She angled her head back and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She knew exactly how Daddy wanted her.

I slid the head of my pre-cum soaked cock into her soft waiting mouth and began vigorously fucking her face. My balls slapping against her forehead. After a few moments of this she was gagging and her spit poured out of her mouth all over her face. Her mascara was running and her lipstick stained every inch of my perfect cock. I continued my relentless thrusts. My legs tightened as my balls drained themselves into her throat.

I slid my cock out and kissed her. Tasting myself as she swallowed the cum that remained in her hungry mouth.

“Thank you Daddy” she said with a smirk that immediately made my cock pulse in excitement.

We were far from done.

I had her reposition herself to where I was now standing at her feet. I could see the puddle she left on the blanket. Her pussy soaked and glistening in the dim bedroom lights.

I grabbed her legs pulling her closer to the foot of the bed as I stood over her. My cock still wet with saliva and cum.

I began at her feet. Caressing and licking my way up her calves to her thick thighs. Biting and grabbing her perfect legs until I could feel the lace of her panties pressed against my nose. I took a deep inhale. As I said her scent was fucking intoxicating.

I massaged her clit through her panties while I bit her thighs. Each kiss and playful bite inching closer to her drenched and swollen pussy. She squirmed and writhed begging me to eat her pussy. I slid my split tongue into the opening of her panties and began playing with her clit. Each side of my tongue massaging her sensitive and swollen pussy. Occasionally pinching them together while sliding my lips over her wet and perfect clit. Sucking just hard enough to hurt in the best way possible.

I slid two fingers in with ease. Sliding them in and out as I pressed my face into her. Each lick and kiss making her moan louder and louder.

“Cum for Daddy. Now.”

I slid a third finger in and begin vigorously finger fucking her and eating her sweet pussy.

“CUM. FUCKING. NOW!” I demanded. Sliding a fourth finger in and forcing my hand in and out of her until my fist filled her warm aching cunt.

I went to command her to cum again but before I could even utter the first letter she began uncontrollably squirting into my mouth. Her hands now in my hair forcefully pressing my face into her. At this point she couldn’t stop cumming if she wanted to.

My cock was solid again and throbbing at the thought of burying it deep inside of her. Eventually her thick thighs pressed against my face as she tried to get me to stop so she could catch her breath.

I stood up and she slid back onto the bed. She knew she’d soon be filled with the thickest cock she’d ever had. Truthfully I think a big part of her saying yes to marrying me was the thought of getting my cock anytime she wanted.

She lifted up enough to slide her dress off. I stopped her as it was over her head and grabbed her wrists. She was blinded and forced into the mattress. Unable to see. Unable to get out from under me. One hand holding her arms above her head. The other grabbing my swollen cock and rubbing it against her clit until she came again.

I let her remove her dress. I went to slide her panties off entirely. She lifted her hips to help me slide them off.

I gently pressed my lips to her soft pussy and kissed my way up her perfect figure. Kissing and caressing each curve. My lips making their way from her clit, to her navel, to her nipples. Pulling each perfect pink nipple into my warm mouth. Using her piercings as instruments to pull and tug on her perfect breasts. Next I kissed up her neck to her lobes. All the while stroking my aching throbbing cock.

My naked torso pressed against hers, I whispered “It’s time for you to soak Daddy’s cock in your cum”.. the words alone bringing her close to climax.

She reached down between my legs and guided my thick cock to the opening of her perfect pussy. She lifted her hips as I thrust forward. Settling as I was balls deep inside of her. Had I not already cum in her throat, I would’ve emptied myself inside of her hungry pussy immediately. For what seemed like an hour, I thrusted and pounded her pussy making her squirt and scream underneath me. My arm wrapping around her as I pulled her into me. Her hands on my ass wanting me as deep as possible.

Once I was satisfied with how soaked my cock and balls were, satisfied with how large the puddle of her cum was beneath us. I slowly slid myself out of her and demanded she bend over. Without missing a beat, she got on her shaky legs and bent over in front of me. Her shoulders to the mattress. Her back arched. And her flawless pussy waiting for me to take her from behind. The cute little plug peaking out from between her gorgeous ass.

I pressed the head of my cock to her lips and began lightly tugging on her toy. Teasing her as I slowly slid every inch of myself inside of her.. I started slow. My cock sore and sensitive, her pussy soaked and stretched. I picked up speed. My hands gripped her hips as I built up speed with each stroke. Before I knew it she was screaming and moaning again. Her cum

dripping from my cock, to my balls, to the mattress. Adding to the growing puddle beneath us. I took my hand and slowly slid the plug out her her ass and replaced it with my throbbing prick.

Her ass was so tight I had to pull back and take a few breaths to avoid cumming immediately. The urgency to fill her tight ass with hot cum subsided and I began pounding her from behind. Her tight hole pressing my cock as my balls loudly smacked her clit. Her face buried into the pillow as wave after wave of orgasm left her body relaxed and satisfied.

That’s when I felt it. My hard cock pulsing. My balls tightening up to my shaft. I knew I had to finish and there was only one place I wanted to shoot rope after rope of my thick cum. Her gorgeous face.

“I’m going to fucking cum Kitten” I moaned.

She slid her tight hole off of my cock and turned around. Her face at my cock as I sat half standing on my knees. She took my cock out of her ass and immediately took it into her mouth. Sucking so hard it was only moments before she would be drowning in my cum.


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