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wifes fantasy

My wife shirley and i went to stay with some friends richard and jane for the weekend...We were all in our twenties and i knew that richard had always fancied shirley and that she flirted with him but that nothing had ever been more than that....Now shirley is very pretty with a great figure and large breasts she works out in the gym every day to stay in great shape....One evening after a few drinks we were all together in the lounge and it was getting late...jane said she was tired and went to bed and i followed soon after leaving richard and shirley in the lounge....Half an hour later shirley came up to was obvious she was sexually aroused and we started kissing and i was fingering her she was soaking wet between her legs and clearly ready for sex...I asked her what she had been doing and she admitted that richard had been kissing and fondling her but she had told him that they must stop before things got out of hand...she said that she would not have gone any further...I asked her if she had wanted to fuck him and she admitted that she did and that it was her fantasy to fuck another man.....Now we had been together since she was sixteen and i was the only man she had fucked!!...I told her to get out of bed she was naked and i made her put on her dressing gown...when i say dressing gown this was a brief silk gown barely long enough to cover her pussy which left her large breasts well displayed...she started to do up the tie to keep herself covered but i pulled the tie out and told her she had to go downstairs to the kitchen and bring back two glasses of water....I told shirley that if richard was still up she had to let him do whatever he wanted with her...she could not believe that i was willing to let another man have her but i told her that it would be good for her and fulfill her fantasy....shirley went downstairs she was gone nearly an hour and came back hot and sweaty....she told me what had happened.....Richard was in the lounge she walked past him saying she was getting some water which she did...but on the way out richard was standing in the doorway he slid his hands under her gown and fondled and massaged her breasts and nipples....they began kissing and his hand was soon working hard between her legs....shirley admitted that by now she was past the point of no return as she was so randy and that there was no way she could have stopped...the gown was soon off and she helped richard strip so they were both naked in the lounge...he put her over the arm of the sofa her legs over his shoulders and worked on her pussy and clit with his mouth and tongue...shirley said she was groaning with pleasure..he then turned her over and took her from behind pumping her hard until she reached orgasm which she said did not take long...richard then pushed her onto her knees and put his cock in her mouth....she gave him a full blow job until he came over her breasts....they then sat together naked whilst shirley rubbed his cock to another erection....she told me she was determined to make the most of her opportunity....She sat astride him and lowered herself onto his hard cock moving up and down whilst he fondled her breasts and bit her shirley enjoys some pain...she likes nipple clamps and enjoys having her nipples pinched and bitten so she came really quickly in this position...several times!!....until she had she had to finish richard with another blow job this time taking it in her mouth and swallowing...she said that by now she just wanted to be a really dirty bitch and try everything......she then told richard that this was a one off and would not happen again and that i had allowed her to do it so it was ok....Shirley had a shower and came to bed when she had finished telling me about it i said its my turn now do you think you can satisfy two men in one night....and she did! the way this is a true story!!


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