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Yes, Sir.

You untie my wrists and ankles from their previous anchors, only to bind them together. Each ankle bound to a wrist, leaving me exposed. You slide me to the foot of the bed. There's a knock on the door. You leave me there on the bed, as you walk to greet our visitor. Walking in front of you, on your way back to me, is a most beautiful creature. Shoulder length dark brown hair kisses soft caramel skin. Big bouncy breasts squeezing out of a tightly laced hourglass figure, wrapped in a burgandy corset. Wide feminine hips narrow to long, strong legs covered from toes up in sheer black tights. You both stand at the end of the bed beside me. You converse a little then start to make out. You reach for my clit and start to play while she moves to lay on the bed beside my face. I start to kiss her and she grabs my breasts as she playfully tugs on my lips with her teeth. You move to the oposite side of the bed and tell her to get naked. She obliges and first puts her hands behind her back to untie the corset, exposing her breasts . Our eyes watching her as she playfully removes all articles, last of which is a burgandy g string. She slowly slips it down over her slightly aroused cock. She gets closer to me and I start licking the tip and sucking her now fully erect dick. You move to the foot of the bed and slowly fuck my asshole as you watch me suck her cock. Soon, you walk back to the head of the bed and she cleans your cock of my juices while I suck your balls. Two tongues lavishly, greedily devouring your masculinity. She stops and stands erect on her knees, stroking herself as she looks at you and asks you to taste her. You untie my bindings and we both take turns licking and sucking our playmate's cock. I slide infront of you on my back so you can fuck my pussy as I play with her balls with my tongue. You, still sucking her cock. Sliding it in and out of your lips, as your dick moves in and out of my tight sloppy pussy. You get ready to cum and rise to grab my legs as you continue filling me. She shoves her cock down my throat. My mouth and pussy both delightfully filled with cock. You both pull out and unleash you hot cummy loads onto me... covering my body. I take my hands and gather all the cum I can and lick it off as you watch me. "Good girl".


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