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You Gave Yourself A Head Start

After he got done with his shower, Doug wrapped a towel around himself and stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see his roommate Lisa get her ass fucked by her old high school sweetheart Jake while his wife Sabrina fingered her tits and pussy.

That was before Sabrina saw Doug standing naked because the sight of the scene made him slip his towel off and expose his suddenly hard cock which made Sabrina walk over to Doug and touch his ripped chest before she looked at him with hungry eyes and turned herself around in order to have Doug stuff his rod deep inside her butt.

And as soon as Lisa saw Sabrina making Doug give her some anal probing as well, Lisa grabbed Jake on the rump with both hands and made him go harder and faster until he was finally able to shoot cum inside her and she looked at Sabrina with a smile and said, "I win!"

"Only because you gave yourself a head start!", said Sabrina while Doug was also pumping his finger deep inside her pussy and kept on doing that until they were both finally able to achieve an orgasm, too.


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