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Zoey at College 2

The next week after class, they went back to Perk Up for coffee, Zoey asked her to look at her portfolio in her dorm room. Greta said she'd live to and off they went. Greta studied Zoey's work like she was committing it to memory, touching the drawings, paintings. Greta stopped when she got to a painting of her own naked body. In class, they use charcoal. Zoey's talent is incredible! She painted Greta at her most vulnerable, nude with her legs open, climaxing! Zoey explained, this is the way I wanted to see you the first time I laid eyes on you Greta. Putting the painting down, Greta took her hand, gently touching Zoey's face, kissed her mouth. Within seconds they were naked, their bodies intertwined like mating garter snakes. Hands, mouths roaming! Sucking breasts, licking pussies, fingering assholes! Their passion grew, they scissored their slits mutually masturbating, climaxing together! They made love whenever time allowed.

The next semester a man replaced Greta as class model, his name is Ryan. Greta is a photographer. She's a model as a side job. As soon as she found out Zoey was one of three students selected to go to Paris for a year, she ran to her dorm to tell her! Greta had submitted her name w out her knowledge!!! When Greta told her about Paris, she fainted! She was so happy! Zoey was even more happy when Greta got a photography job there! She'll be taking pictures of the latest wedding gowns on the runway! Greta grew up in Paris. She and the students will be staying at her family estate, just outside the city. Greta is very laid back, but the school has rules, she cannot have anarchy! They're to sleep at the chateau during the week, weekends they must keep in touch w her so she knows they're alive. If they get into trouble they'll go home. Simple as that!

Whitney, Justin and Zoey were having the time of their lives! The master classes, the estate they're staying in, wonderful Paris! Justin and Whitney hooked up a month after they arrived. He's never been with a black girl before. Whit is so beautiful! Cocoa colored skin, the most gorgeous brown eyes, shy smile. She's a wonderful sculptor! Justin surprised her w a moonlit picnic, wine, cheeses, fruit. He asked her to dance, kissed her under the stars. It was a warm night, they went skinny dipping in the pool. They were so noisy, sleeping w the balcony doors open, they woke up Greta and Zoey. Exhausted from making love themselves, closed the doors and went back to bed. Justin tried to shush Whit, but she was a wildcat! Riding his rock solid 8 inch dick, Whitney clawed her lovers back, marking him as hers! Justin couldn't hold back anymore! He came! Shooting his hot jism deep inside her pussy!!! His balls rubbing her clit, sending her over the edge, pussy tightening on Justin's cock! Justin kissed Whitney softly, asked if she'd like to share his bed for the remainder of their stay? Whitney hugged her new lover, giving him a passionate kiss, said yes. The next evening after dinner Greta gave Whitney and justin a gift, condoms and her blessing!


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