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Zoey at College

Being an army brat Zoey is looking fwd to being in one place for four long years! Her parents, sister left an hour ago, they're 6 glorious hours away! She is ready to be on her own! Army life is too structured for her. Zoey is a free thinker, the total opposite of the army! Getting into Art School has been her goal since Jr. High. Mrs. Dunseth helped foster her artistic talents. Mrs. Dunseth was also an army wife. She had two beautiful little girls that Zoey babysat when her husband came home, that's when their son was conceived! After Charlie was born, Zoey's dad was transferred to a base in Texas, leaving California behind. She and Mrs. Dunseth kept in contact over the years, she was delighted to write a recommendation for Art school when Zoey asked her to. Zoey is a gifted artist. She is multitalented. Working in photography, sculpture, drawing, painting. She's also been very interested in pottery lately.

Zoey hasn't made dating a priority in her life. She's been solely focused on her art, but everything changed once she met, Greta. Zoey considers herself to be bisexual, but could easily become a lesbian for her! She was to be a model for her drawing class, a nude model. The guys in class always left with boners aching for release. Today was very erotic! Greta spoke to us about when she first made love to a woman. She described in great detail how alive and sexy she felt the moment of her climax! After class was over after everyone else had gone, Greta asked me out for coffee. We went off campus to Perk Up Coffee and Tea Bar. It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair!


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